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Now kiss!!!

(Wishing I had a 4DE Rarity right now…)

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What’s a gamer?

I know I’m a gamer, not because I hate women, but because I took an NES controller to the back of the head when I was a kid.

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Good morning ma’am!

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Just in case anyone thought I was only obsessive about one fandom.

Screw you Oak, these were good pictures!

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I have to type things very carefully from here on out.

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I’ll end this minor flood with all the stuff I got from Bronycon!

I wonder if I can list the artists for the cards that I picked up. Let’s give it a shot! Starting from the top-left:

Holy crap I did it! Lol!

In addition, you might also notice I got me a Derpy Mat (It’s hard to see, but it’s there), and the TSSSF card game. Good times!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by my table and either said ‘Hi’ or just bought stuff. I really wish I had picked up more stuff, but alas, that’s always the feeling I get leaving any con. I’ll try again next year!

I’m going to be setting up some shop to sell the last of my shirts, and some other stuff that I’ve got for sale. Till then!

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BronyCon 2014 Recap!


Alright Alright guys, long story short I went there vended re-meet some really cool guys on tumblr. And also meet a lot of new cool guys as well! So i am back and now i can draw whatever I want now! So if you want more detail and pictures you can read more!

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That’s a nice shirt!

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Bronycon photo set after the cut. Text posting because it’s 10+ photos and I didn’t feel any deserved to not be shown

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That Cheerilee card and those stickers look familiar!

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Featuring some OCs from people I met at Bronycon this year. See if you can figure them out ^^

Full Res on Deviantart

This is exactly what happened. I totally didn’t stay in my room the entire night!